The Lightning ATM

The LightningATM

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The Lightning ATM

What is the LightningATM?

The LightningATM is a do-it-yourself Bitcoin ATM. It accepts Coins which are immediately change into Bitcoin via the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The LightningATM was designed to enable everybody to exchange Fiat to Bitcoin. 

You get all needed Hardware and Software components in our store. This includes also the laser cut case.  


The LightningATM was created by @21isenough.

Since July there is also a Pocket Edition available. 


Hardware Features

  • Raspberry PI4 Zero WH
  • ePaper Screen 
  • The Lightning ATM Case (MDF & PMMA)
  • 1 SD-Card 16GB
  • Raspberry Pi Zero Camera (not needed for the Pocket Edition)
  • Coin Acceptor
  • Power Supply 
  • Cables & Buttons

The LightningATM in action