Lightning Node Management (Routing, Backup, Tools)


  • Suggestion for good peers
  • Some channel management advice
  • Help to set up the right fee structure
  • Setup automatic channel rebalancing
  • Explain available tools for different purposes
  • Backup solutions


Do you struggle to find the right peers for your node?

You don’t know which channel size you should choose?

You want to automatically rebalance your channels?

You want to know more about backup solutions to secure your funds?

Give us the public key or alias of your node and we will run some analysis for you and show you the results in a one on one video call (English/German). We also give you guidance on any of the above mentioned topics.

(No KYC (only email) – Bitcoin only – keep in mind to order it not with your RaspiBlitz, otherwise we could match a node name to a street address)