RaspiBlitz Case from CryptoCloaks

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What’s included in the package:

  • Lightning Shell
  • 4 M2.5 4mm screws to secure Raspberry Pi to tray
  • 4 M3 35mm screws to secure case together
  • 2 3M Double Sided Tape cubes (200mm) to secure HDD/SSD to hard drive holder

Hardware Restrictions:

  • RaspiBlitz v1.3
  • HDD/SSD with outside dimensions less than (134.6mm x 83mm x 18mm)
    > Our Recommended Hard Drive for your RaspiBlitz that fits our case.
    > 1TB Samsung :
  • Raspberry Pi Screen max dimensions (87mm x 56mm x 7mm) – ELEGOO OR Other similar Raspberry Pi 3   LCD Display, 3.5 Inch 480×320
    Link > Item Info:
  • Overall Dimensions (140mm x 100mm x 52mm)
  • Reminder, with 3D printed parts minor variances are possible between individual models.
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The Case is a powerhouse of customization to allow users to make their RaspiBlitz Lightning Node look damn good while also allowing it performance enhancements.