Pimoroni Fan Shim für Raspberry Pi

  • Let the Raspberry Pi run significantly cooler with the fan SHIM!
  • 30 V DC fan
  • 4.200 RPM (revolutions per minute), 0.05 m3/min Air Flow
  • 18.6 dB noise
  • No soldering required


This 30 mm software-controlled CPU fan with status LED (RGB) and button makes the Rasperry Pi run significantly cooler and thus more efficient.

The fan SHIM has a clamp header, so that it can be easily clamped onto the pins of the Raspberry Pis. This means no soldering is necessary.

The fan can be controlled and programmed by software; for example: start the cooling when the CPU reaches a certain temperature. The status LED (RGB) can be used as a visual indicator for temperature, fan status, or other parameters In addition, the button can also be individually programmed.



  • 30 mm 5 V DC fan
  • 4,200 RPM (revolutions per minute)
  • 0.05 m3/min Air Flow
  • 18.6 dB noise
  • Clamp header
  • RGB LED (APA102)
  • Button/switch
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 (und3 B+, 3 A+)


Fan SHIM includes:


  • Fan SHIM PCB.
  • 30 mm 5 V DC fan with JST connector.
  • M2.5 screws and nuts




  • Drive the M2.5 screws from the bottom through the holes in the PCB. Then turn the nuts from above onto the screws to fix them and serve as spacers.
  • Place the fan mounting holes on the screws, with the cable side facing down (as shown in the photos) and the text facing up. Fix the fan with 2 nuts.
  • Press the JST connector of the fan into the socket on the fan SHIM.



Our Python library allows the fan to start and stop (on/off), control the RGB LED and the button.

General information:


  • When installing or removing the fan SHIM, do not touch the fan as it can break at too much pressure.
  • Can not be operated with a heat sink.